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A journalist and marketing expert. A wilderness guide. Two chefs. An international ballet performer. Homeowners and investors. Berkeley, Oakland, Alameda and Contra Costa residents. Uncommon compatriots? Or just the right combination of strength, detail orientation, book-learning plus street smarts, and most of all, heart... because doing real estate in the Bay Area calls for all of the above.

If you're lucky, when you close a real estate deal in the fast-paced, competitive Bay Area market, you'll be able to say you "succeeded." That's a given, and just the beginning, when working with Eileen Townsend & Team. How often can you also say about your real estate deal that "it made sense," you understood every step, you felt heard, you enjoyed genuine trust in the professionals who served you, and you'd not only do it all again, you'd WANT to do it again just because we made it simple, and it was fun? 

Hundreds of buyers and sellers trace the success – and their enjoyment of -- their real estate transactions to the unusual path Eileen Townsend followed to becoming a Realtor, which created the unique combination of skills, vantage-point, and systems now shared by Eileen Townsend & Team. Before licensing as a Realtor and Broker in 2003, while following a career as a journalist and Marketing/PR executive, Eileen survived five executive relocations – coast to coast and back again -- buying and selling a dozen homes and investment properties in 6 states in the process -- kids and pets in tow. "It's personal for me," Eileen explains. "I take each client's goals to heart; I have to make it right for them, as I did for my kids each time we had to leave our home, often unexpectedly, and start over."

Thanks to that high-touch style, combined with exactitude in the many details of real estate, and the judgment that comes from solving thousands of problems over hundreds of transactions over decades of deal-making, Eileen engenders trust among clients and peer professionals. She has become known as "the calm within the eye of the storm" of real estate. It was when a fellow Realtor, noting her unique style in working with clients, asked Eileen to become her mentor that Eileen launched Eileen Townsend & Team.

Now, like-minded Realtors share systems and style toward the goal of delivering a "different and better" experience – and being personally involved in their clients' success. Each individual agent with Eileen Townsend & Team brings the calm of confidence to a process many otherwise find confusing. While we each have different strengths to add to your experience, we ground our service with two basic principles: "Knowledge is Power." And "The Decision is Yours."  

By equipping you with the former, we empower you toward the latter. 

Here is what you can expect from us:

Our Vision and Values

Our Skill

We are a team of top-producing Realtors committed to best practices in all matters affecting our clients. Trained and continuously coached in our profession by top industry leaders, we are solutions driven and customer-service focused, with solid systems in place to ensure no detail is overlooked, and every aspect is executed accurately and on time, for both Buyers and Sellers.

Market Knowledge (“This” market, here and now.)

Our buyers make smart offers and our sellers present and price their properties wisely because we keep on top of precisely how our market is behaving. Here. Now. And at the moment as economic forces shift, sometimes unexpectedly. Clients don't have to sweat the data, because we study the macro and micro trends affecting the real estate and mortgage markets daily. Compass's deep data resources, professional design, and premier placement for advertising (digital, social, and print for both broad and targeted markets) combine with our individual and collective on-the-ground participation in buying and selling dynamics, to ensure we can best advise clients on price, timing, and shifting economics. We are adept at translating trends to your particular circumstances and the particular property that we are listing or helping you buy.

Leadership (Not just “sales” and “transactions.”)

In a process as cryptic, fraught with emotion, and dramatic twists and turns as real estate – especially Bay Area, Berkeley, and East Bay real estate – we acknowledge that consumers feel bombarded with unfamiliar information and at the mercy of unpredictable market forces. Because we walk these paths every day, we bring calm and confidence to buyers and sellers. We anticipate what lurks around the bend and guide clients in a sure-footed direction toward their goal. We interpret and explain contract matters, local issues, and "the process." When needed, we connect clients to experts suited to address specialty information outside of our licensure as Realtors. 

Compassion (The people part matters.) 

Children being born and growing up, couples coming together or coming apart, career moves … life-changing situations of all kinds are the backdrop to many a real estate deal. People, as much as properties, shape and are shaped by what happens here. We get that. We care. And the people part matters to us. 


Clients, colleagues, and competitors alike agree we are "the real deal" – trusted and respected. Our commitment to the best outcome is genuine; our path to arriving there is true. We access the resources we need to uphold this value – whether it is additional training, legal support, broker support, or simply sounding off with one another. 

Strength in Numbers

Your agent is your agent. We know you chose carefully. Behind her stands our Team. Led by Eileen Townsend, a former journalist, and marketing/PR executive ranked among the top Realtors worldwide, our Team is comprised of an former international ballet performer, a wilderness guide, an advocate for underrepresented populations, and a graphics designer. We celebrate our diversity. With these shared values, we keep in tune with one another and honor each other's strengths, so that we can leverage our individual experience, knowledge, geographic focus, and personality style to support team-mates in addressing client needs. If one of us is unavailable, another step in to keep the seamless flow to a team client's purchase or sale.

Our Passion

We love what we do. The people. The properties. The process. The good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly, the simple and the complex. We thrive on navigating the perils and protecting our clients' interests. Clients feel this extra level of dedication every step of the way. It's why and how we consistently get the best results. It's why people return and refer to us. It is what makes us different.

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Whether markets are rising, with scarce inventory and multiple offers, or shifting, with unpredictable outcomes, Eileen's clients close on time, on goal, and with as little stress as possible.
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