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Yes, you can buy. No, you don't have to sell first.

Compass Bridge Loan

A simple solution to bridge the gap between the home you have and the home you want.


Our simple solution bridges the gap between the home you have and the home you want. 

In True Compass Style, No Upfront Cost!

Yes, you CAN buy the home you just found, without waiting to sell your current house first! Allow me to show you how, in 5 easy steps. 

Compass has just introduced a new program to help you buy and move into the home you want FIRST, and take the time you need to prepare and sell your current home later. 

In true Compass style, we can take care of the upfront costs so that your move is simple, and as stress-free as possible.

No Worries ...

We've answered the most confounding problems homeowners face
when they need to sell the home they live in, in order to afford the
home they want. In our competitive Bay Area marketplace, it removes
some of the most troublesome roadblocks to making your move:

No more worries like: 

* Our dream house is on the market now - it will be gone by the time
we sell our house! 

* Where do we live while painting, staging and showing our house? 

(You'll be comfortably at home in your new house!) 

* What to do with the kids and the dog and the parakeet while we're
between one house and the next?

* How will we afford the new house payment when we still have our old
house payment? 

Compass's Bridge Loan program gives you access to the best interest

up to six months of loan payments fronted to you, and all the other
Compass services that make your home sell faster and for more money.
​​​​​​​Here are the five easy steps: 

5 Easy Steps To Your
​​​​​​​Next Move


Work with me to find your next dream home.


Apply and get approved for a bridge loan with the lender of your

(You can work with a loan officer you already know, or you can
​​​​​​​allow me to introduce you to one already using our program.) 


Work with me to get the first six months of your bridge loan
payments fronted.


Move into your new home while I work to sell your current home
faster and for more money.

​​​​​​​(Using Compass Concierge, we can repair, inspect, paint and stage
​​​​​​​with no upfront costs!) 


When your old home sells, simply use the proceeds to pay back the
bridge loan and any fronted monthly payments.


Call me at 510-725-7422 to learn more. 

I'm always happy to size up your situation and help strike the best strategy for you.

*The Bridge Loan Advance for Compass clients is a loan provided by Notable Finance, LLC, NMLS# 1824748 and is available to all eligible Compass clients working with the Bridge Loan lender of their choice. Notable's phone number for applicants only: 833-615-0249. Loan eligibility is not guaranteed and all loans are subject to credit approval and underwriting by Notable. Loans made or arranged pursuant to a California Finance Lenders Law license. Compass is not a lender and is not providing loans as part of Compass Bridge Loan Services.

Information regarding lenders which offer short-term Bridge Loan financing is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute an endorsement of the particular lenders referenced. Compass cannot guarantee that these institutions will be able to assist and does not assume any responsibility as to the performance of services to be provided by these institutions. There are no requirements that you participate in the Compass Bridge Loan Services or obtain a loan from these providers to participate in any other Compass programs (such as Compass Concierge). Speak to your Bridge Loan lender about all the costs you may be responsible for in connection with your Bridge Loan.

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