What's the right price?


What's the right price?

Sellers and buyers alike can gain a lot of insight into the changing meaning of home prices -- what to ask and expect when selling, and what to offer when buying – using this awesome tool introduced recently by our local Board of Realtors.
You can input your desired monthly housing budget and down payment, and see what that translates to in price; or you can start with your desired price, and see what buyers' payments would be at today's rates, or after a buy-down the seller may be offering.


Perhaps a better question is, how can Realtors and loan officers help buyers better afford the going price and today's rates, whether they are the same or different than last year, last month, or last week?
Rest assured, Realtors and loan officers are laser-focused on finding solutions: Talk to us about rate buy-downs, and programs to help first-time buyers -- no matter their income levels. Our goal is to make your goal to buy or sell a specific home feasable.




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