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Q1 2023 Newsletter

Inner East Bay Real Estate, 2023


What’s Changed,

What’s Still the Same?



                                                                                                                 Dennis Kohn, photographer, with permission


Did you feel that? The winds of change blasting through our market? As we launch 2023 and the upcoming busy season in real estate, a lot has changed. And some things haven’t! Here are highlights from local market stats, and some perspectives, to help you better understand what you are seeing in headlines and hearing in the rumor mill.
No matter the topic or the source these days, it'sn easy to hear mainly the extreme predictions and prognostications from two ends of the spectrum. As with so much mass-disseminated information, the whole truth about local real estate often lies "in-between." The most important thing to remember is: all real estate is local. What's true across the country -- or even across the Bay or in the neighborhood over the hill -- is not necessarily what's true right here, where you live -- or wish you lived! Call or write if you'd like to find more balance, and just which parts of real estate news are most likely to shape your experience in today's market.
-- Eileen Townsend


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